A selection of one or several families (max. 20 000) may be exported in different Formats containing various information. 


Six different export formats exist which are fully customizable.  


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Multiple export options are available.  

Note : Embedeed images are not exportable. 

Note2 If you select the item "CUSTOM", you have to enter manually the fields you want to export. To export a sub-field, you must use the syntax "sub/field" like STATE/ACT in order to export only the subfield STATE which is part of the field /ACT. 

You can select the Export Profile, parameters (Advanced options) and fields/ sub options to be included in your export. 


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Two delivery methods are available: 

  • Download 

  • Email (23 email addresses max) 


Exports can be sent directly to other people via email.  

For recipients of the emails, it is not necessary to have an Orbit logon to access the exported documents. 


Export profiles can be saved for future use. 





Export limit 


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Please watch this short video example on how to do an Export: 

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