Intelligence users with an advanced or premium subscription can mark a chart as a favorite in the analysis module. Marking a chart as favorite is an efficient way to reuse a chart that you are likely to use a lot and/or a chart that you have customized.  This can speed up your analysis with charts that you are using on a regular basis.


The ability to mark a chart as favorite begins in the individual or single chart view. Select a chart to display in single view and customize the chart, if needed. You can find the More options button on the top right to of the chart, where you can select Add to favorite visualizations.

After selecting the Add to favorite visualizations tab you will be given the option to rename your chart.

The chart will then be available in the favorite visualizations tab.

The charts in the favorite visualizations tab function as templates and allow the user to analyze any new data sets according to your preferred information.

When generating a 1-click presentation of your analysis you can use the option My favorite visualizations in order to export your graphs. Please see the article on Generate a presentation for more information.

Note that this feature is limited to users who have Advanced or Premium accounts.