Generating a presentation is a function of running a search and then the analysis module. From the analysis module there is a Presentation function at the top of the screen, see the screenshot below. The presentation function generates (creates) and manages presentations. There are 2 methods for generating a presentation.


1. Generate a presentation of the main graphs

2. Generate a presentation/add to an existing one by adding only selected graphs

1. Generate a presentation of the main graphs :

  • Enter the title of your Presentation.
  • By default, all the 'Recommended visualizations' will be exported, along with the default chart descriptions (see above).
  • Advanced and Premium users can also choose to use only their  'Favorite visualizations' (saved customized graphs) or add their favorite visualizations to their presentation.

The Presentation manager can be accessed to edit your presentations, for example to modify the default chart descriptions or retrieve the webpage link. Click into the hyperlinked blue font "presentation manager" in the screenshot shown above or click into Presentation manager as shown below.

  • The webpage is accessible to anyone (no need of a license), so that you can easily share information. 
  • It is by default valid 3 months but you can modify the expiry date here as shown below.

2. Generate a presentation by adding only some specific graphs

For that, in each individual graph, click on 'More options'

Use an existing presentation or create a new one:

You will get a webpage link, and can access the Presentation manager if you prefer to download it as a PowerPoint.

Examples of presentations in 2 formats: 

  • Webpage  
  • PowerPoint file

Example of a webpage presentation:

Example of a PowerPoint presentation: