For searches performed in the FAMPAT collection (Family grouped database, more detail: Difference between FAMPAT, FULLPAT and FULLTEXT collections), it is possible to customize the preferred patent authority displayed in the interface.

This change can be done in the user setting interface in the "display" section. Display settings do not apply for workfiles/documents.

By default, a list of preferred patent authorities is already set and is shown below in the screenshot. It can be changed based on your preferences using the two letter country codes separated by a single space, and no punctuation. 

For example to show the US in the first position, merely move the letters US to the first position on the line and so on for other countries.

The function of the line "Preferred patent authority" is to display the patent families in the order of countries specified. If a patent family has no EP family member then the US family member is displayed; if there is no US family member, then WO family member is shown, and so on.

In addition to the preferred country, it is also possible to customize the "Preferred publication stage". With the setting shown in the above screenshot an EP application would take preference over a Granted EP patent. 

The "application" choice is particularly convenient when performing "Patentability searches" and the "grant" option is notably interesting when running "Freedom to operate searches".

NB: the patent authority takes preference to the publication stage. If "Grant" is my preferred publication stage and an EP application does exist, the EP application will be displayed instead of the US grant in the same family.

If a field is missing in the preferred displayed member, the system will display a field from another member but a mouse over on the number displayed on the top of the text field will open an informative tool tip  (see screenshot below).