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Generic Indicators: generic indicators can be used individually as part of an overall strategy of comparing patents to one another. 

It is an estimate of individual patent strengths using slightly different aspects. 

The metrics can be combined, e.g. in an equation, depending on the User's specific needs.

Family size: average number of granted or pending patents in each patent family.

Age: average family age in years since the first publication

Geographic coverage: average number, per patent family, of BRIC and Tier 1 patent authorities (US, JP, DE, FR, BR, IN, CN, KR, AU, TW, RU) in which patent protection is pending or granted. 

Claim length: number of non-duplicate words in the first independent claim. 

It is calculated for each patent family and averaged.

IPC count: the average number of different IPC/CPC subclasses (e.g. H04G) per patent family