Value Metrics


  • Objective measures of strength to rank individual patents & portfolios
  • Identify companies (players) with strong portfolios 
  • Litigation data is used to refine our algorithms
  • Average score of all patents is 1, so a score that's higher than 1 is above average for all metrics
  • Unlike some of the other metrics, these can be displayed in the search hitlist


Technology Impact

  • It assesses the technological impact of patents and patent portfolios by attempting to overcome the biases introduced by simple citation counts
  • Its a score based on the number of forward citations received by the analyzed patent families, corrected to account for age and technical domains
  • Results are normalized so that an average patent family has a score of 1, making it easy to identify whether the portfolio has above or below average scores
  • Includes:
    • Age of the patent (in days, using earliest application date)
    • Technical domain of the patent 
    • Count of the forward citations; nature of citations (self or non-self)

Market Strategy

  • Scores are based on the GDP of the countries where the analyzed patent families are granted or pending
    • Countries with expired patent rights are kept in the calculation, as long as they were granted at some point
    • Using the percentage of the global market which was or could be protected by this family a 40% reduction is applied to pending countries
    • WO/EPs figures are calculated based on the statistical chance of patents being granted in the different authorities given that a pending WO/EP exists 

Patent Strength: 

  • Single score which combines the results of the Technical Impact and Market Strategy indexes
  • Provides a combined score for both dead and alive patents
  • Includes GDP of countries normalized by age, technical domains and citations

Patent Value

  • Score based on the number of forward citations and GDP of the countries where the analyzed patent families are granted or pending and the REMAINING LIFE of those patents
  • Calculation is weighted based on the maximum possible remaining life of the patents within the family
  • It combines the Patent Strength index with a weighting based on the remaining life of the patent

Search results in the hitlist display

  • Value metrics can be displayed in the search results hitlist
  • Value metrics can be used to sort the hitlist
  • Begin by using the pulldown menu in the Display function at the top of the center panel display of the search results
  • Scroll down and click into the Edit function (shown in the screenshot)

  • Once the Edit function is selected, notice that the Value Metrics need to be moved over to the right side of the popup into the Fields to display section. Remember to hit Ok to confirm your choice

  • This changes the display to a Custom display
  • It updates the values at the top of the search results center panel

  • It is sortable by the value metrics by clicking into the tab with the metric of interest