Update codes are useful to find results that have been added to our databases in a specific week of the year. 

They can be used to trigger alerts and/or combined with search strings via the command line.

Here is a list of the update codes currently available in Orbit Intelligence.

Please note that for legal status information LGUP is the only code available for standard alerts, and it will only notify you about changes in the legal status of the document without providing specific information on the event. 

This is because there is another module completely dedicated to legal events.

> See article 'Legal status alerts'

Imagine that you want to find all the documents matching battery/DESC that were added to our database in the 31st week of 2020 and then in the 33rd week of 2020.

From the Search History tab, take the initial search (step 1 in the picture) and combine it with the update code in the format YYYY-WW /UP. 

Hit Enter

You will find more info in the Examples column of the list of update codes provided at the beginning of this tutorial.