Hunger for more AI? Questel has developed this AI-powered feature aimed to help users have a better understanding of the core content of a patent. 

It is available in the claims tab only for the moment, and it offers three different alternatives

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This option is applied to the full set of claims and will provide a brief summary of what is claimed in a more natural language. You must then go to the claims tab and click on the “Auto-summarize” button located at the top right corner: 

This will automatically pop out a window* containing a summary (with respect to your Orbit Intelligence interface language) of what is claimed in the invention of interest:

*please make sure to allow the pop-out windows coming from


This feature will provide the meaning of the main concepts found in the user’s selection. Our AI summary assistant will rely on its dataset to provide you with a general definition. This feature will help you out with unclear/unknown concepts you can encounter in a patent. 

For a sharp definition, based on the patent's context, our option "Technical explanation" is available (see section hereafter).

You simply need to select one term of interest or a paragraph containing several terms, then right-click to get to the options available. Chose the “Definitions” option by clicking on it and retrieve the meaning:

Once again, a side window will pop out with the desired content:

Technical explanations

Based on the text you are selecting, this option provides a short and technical explanation. The explanations use the patent's content (description and claims).

Once you have made your selectionright click to get to the options available. Chose the “Technical explanation” option by clicking on it, to retrieve the meaning:

The pop-out window will provide you with the meaning.

We hope you enjoyed this new feature. For any feedback or questions related to our AI-powered Summary, please contact our Support team at or from the Intelligence widget.