Questel has created 16 event groups which regroup similar actions from the different patent offices:

  • OPP - Opposition, reexamination
  • LIC - License agreements
  • SPC - Extension of term of duration of protection
  • RAS – Reassignment
  • ENP - Entry into national phase
  • NOPP- No opposition filed
  • DCS - Designated contracting states
  • ADM – Administrative notifications
  • CCL - Modifications of classification
  • COR - Corrections, modifications
  • EXM - Requests for examination, examination procedures and process, search reports
  • NENP – Non-entry into national phase (WO, EP)
  • NIF - Not in force, lapse, expiration, forfeiture, refusal, withdrawal
  • NMC – Change of name(s): applicant, assignee, inventor, others: opponents, requesters
  • PIF – Payment of fees, in force, registrations, grants
  • RES - Restitution, restoration in force

These Event groups are searchable in combination with the legal status described here or with other search criteria. To learn more about the syntax in the /ACT field, please refer to the article "Understand the events groups in the Legal status". 

Warning: the AND operator will search inside the family, not only within one unique member. 

Example of search:

FR patents (national procedure or EP / PCT) having an extension on the term of protection (SPC)


The paragraph operator P is used to specify that the patents retrieved with an extension of term (SPC) are FR patents.

Patent offices or countries also form part of the ACT index. You have two possibilities to search for countries; either PC/ACT which is country of publication or CC/ACT which is a designated state on a PCT or EP application.

Please refer to the FamPat factsheet for Orbit to see a listing of searchable fields and details regarding syntax.