You can now use AI-Classifier, our new functionality, allowing the selection of relevant documents to reduce the reading time of the experts.

This tool should be activated in a workfile before adding new documents, to automatically classify them with 2 categories : relevant or not relevant.  

You can activate the AI-Classifier on an existing workfile, however it has to be configured and "educated" on a sample before its activation.

As any other AI tools, a learning phase is highly recommended, here in two steps: designate relevant/non relevant documents, and after verify and improve by hand the first run of the tool.


How to activate the AI-Classifier on a new workfile:

  1. Create a workfile and activate it by clicking on "Enable auto-classifier" at the top right of the hitlist.
  2. Move/Duplicate at least 10 relevant documents. Note that the tool will learn faster with 50 relevant documents, plus 50 non-relevant documents and if you remain within a particular subject or theme.
  3. Teach the tool what is relevant/non-relevant to you, by selecting, on a few documents, the relevant/non-relevant documents. Use the menu at the top right of the hitlist:
  4. Unselect documents
  5. Then launch the auto-classification from the auto-classifier menu and "run classifier" to sort out the remaining documents 

The procedure to activate the AI-Classifier on an existing workfile starts at the step 3 and remains the same.

Once the process is done on the documents, you will see a score in the Preview tab on the right:

Documents with the "chip" icon  and with a score between 99% and 1% are classified by the Auto-classifier. Documents designated by hand shall have 100% or 0%.

Here you are in the second step of the "tool's education" : you can approve (thus the document will have 100% score) or refuse the classification by switching it to non-relevant (0%).

About the relevancy threshold: this score is calculated by the AI algorithm based on the last run of the auto-classifier. Documents above this score will be seen as "relevant" and below as "non-relevant". 

To change this score, you have to classify/review by hand documents in the workfile. Suggestion: search and review documents around the current threshold. This will have a large impact on the average score and the algorithm will learn faster how to sort relevant documents. 

Once your manual review is done, you have to re-run the auto-classifier on the workfile. The AI algorithm will create a new profile and apply it on the new documents and on the automatically sorted documents.

Once you have taught AI-Classifier to review its choices, it will become more accurate and you will spend less time to review them. Thus sorting out relevant documents for your experts. 

Finally, the Auto-classifier learns differently according to your different working file. A document you consider irrelevant in a specific context but relevant for another can be processed in a different working file.

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