How can I connect the BetaQS without email/password ?

No, for the moment, the connection mode for the Beta is only email/password, the same as

Will I be able to retrieve my data from the regular Orbit Intelligence ?

Yes, you account on the Beta is synchronized with the regular Intelligence servers, and you will find all your personal data like : 

- Quicklists
- Workfiles
- Previous history
- Biosequences searches
- Saved searches
- Alerts profiles
- Analysis
- Guided activities

Do I work on the same data as the regular Orbit Intelligence ?

Yes, the patent database (FAMPAT/FULLPAT/FULLTEXT) is the same, but better structured. This better structure does not change you search or the results for the moment, however the changes done will be visible in couple of months once the search engine is available for all our clients. This better structure is more an asset for the future than a key point of this Intelligence Beta version. 

Some slight corrections are only made on Elastic search. You may identify some little differences between the data on the regular Intelligence version and the Beta.

The database is updated weekly (like the regular Intelligence).

The things I do in BetaQS will be saved or not ?

Yes, your work done in Beta is synchronized to your regular Intelligence account. 

About the workfiles: documents are stored in the dedicated database for each client with the shared between Beta and regular Intelligence, and no change takes place for this module at the moment (see parts of Intelligence on QP).

However, some queries generated with the Beta version may not work in the regular Intelligence as the format of some fields will slightly change. 

Which part of Intelligence are now on QS, or still on QP engine ?

Currently, our new search engine QS is used by Intelligence Beta for 

- Search and current history

- Saved searches

- Biosequences searches

- Quicklists

- Analysis in live

At the opposite, the following items remains executed by QP for the moment :

- Alerts weekly/monthly execution

- Family import into the workfiles, manually done or by an alert

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