Questel is pleased to announce the release of the Orbit Intelligence Beta with the new search engine Elastic Search at

Our commitment is entirely dedicated to provide you the best experience as close as possible with the regular Orbit Intelligence.

Please find in this article a non-exhaustive list of features available in the Beta, with some comments:

  • Easy search
  • Advanced search
  • Fulltext collections: The assistant is not yet implemented for the new collection. Fields synonyms are well been created, searching is working, but some fields are unrecognized for Saved searches
  • Similarity search
  • Ranking is not visible for the moment
  • Quicklists - count of families appears with the first load of a list
  • FAMPAT analysis
    • Some graphs where crossing data at the patent level may not work
  • Workfiles module
    • Import option directly from a file import is not available
    • Import from the Search module works perfectly